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1. ESL class designed to meet the growing needs of the children of today.
2. A curriculum especially designed for first to sixth graders.
3. Real bilingual education for our children.
4. Students are exposed to English and other special classes, such as Chinese Math, Mad Science, Chinese Chess,
Roller Skate, art and many other classes, which were especially designed by the school to meet the needs of the children of today.
5. Teams of professionals working hand in hand to:
Designed English curriculum that will fit Taiwan’s ESL learners.
Art, Math, Chess, Science, etc. to ensure a balance curriculum.
1. 專門為孩子量身打造的專屬ESL課程,70%美語課程30%中文課程。
2. ESL課程為一至六年級的系列學習。
3. 優質的雙語學習環境。
4. 為國小的孩子設計了不同領域的潛能課程,讓您可以根據孩子的興趣與潛力,選擇適合孩子的套裝課程,並網羅各科精英名師,為孩子課後學習的質與量加分!
5. 頂尖師資、專業團隊,編寫研發深切符合台灣孩子需求的美語學習教案,加入語文創作、中文數學、創意美術等才藝課程,來豐富與延伸孩子的學習生活,為孩子預備全方位的能力培養。
華美校 : 台中市華美西街二段245號 TEL : 04-23119222 FAX : 04-23118858 / 向上校 : 台中市向上南路一段302號 TEL : 04-24731010 FAX : 04-24738211
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